Often the first question we hear from someone who is not familiar with raw vegan food is, “What is that?! Like, salads and carrot sticks?”  Now days the living food diet is pretty well known and has many loyal followers.  Some raw foodists claim it has actually saved their lives from debilitating life threatening illness.  But ask a raw foodist why they practice the living food diet and most will tell you it helps them maintain their weight, gives them incredible energy, gives clarity and peace of mind and makes their skin glow like no other way of eating can.  We agree!  The vibrancy and vitality of the raw food diet is why we believe so whole heartedly in preparing and eating our food this way.  If you haven’t experienced raw food we urge you to give it a try.

But what is raw food? Raw vegan food is enzyme rich nutrient dense food that is never heated above 118 degrees.  All raw, or living food as we prefer to call it, is uncooked and unprocessed.  Cooking food destroys nutrients and enzymes and creates toxins that lead to higher acidity levels.  Living food keeps the enzymes and nutrients intact to help your body digest food more easily and stay healthy.

What are some of the many benefits of raw food?

  • Gluten free
  • High in nutrients and enzymes
  • Alkalizes the body
  • Organic and often locally sourced
  • Vibrant and alive; you will feel the living energy coming from the food when you eat it
  • Hydrating
  • Always fresh and lovingly prepared, never processed