The Detox is the foundation of Kurt’s program. It is a vital whole food detox that consists of raw green vegetable soup, fresh tossed salads, green drinks and buckwheat shakes.

We suggest a 3, 5 or 10 day detox and have found that our friends are extremely satisfied with the program and claim increased energy, weight loss, mental clarity and a general feeling of well being after going through the process. The greatest benefit comes from a 10 day detox done 2-3 times per year. But the 3 and 5 day cleanses are a great way to maintain your health or get your diet back on track.

The Detox can vary daily but this is what we suggest you consume:

  • One green drink or delicious buckwheat shake for breakfast.
  • One mid-morning raw fruit and nut bar.
  • One 19 oz container of raw green soup for lunch and one mixed green salad with dressing.
  • A midday raw snack, either kale chips or flax crackers, or a juice.
  • One 19 oz container of raw green soup for dinner and one mixed green salad with dressing.
  • A raw dessert like a chocolate almond date brownie is included once with the 3 day detox and twice with 5 or 10 day detox.
  • A quart of fresh herb detox tea every 3 days or a delicious lemonade drink is always a good add.

A big part of the Detox process is doing enemas. The toxins have to leave your body and this is by far the best way to get rid of them. Buy a disposable enema bag. If you are uncomfortable with it, we are always here to talk you through.

Use a daily log to record your process, treat yourself to a massage, saunas and colonics. Your comfort in the program is a huge deal for the success of it.