Important info about the detox process…

Here is a passage about colonics from a great article on the detox process:

Not ready for a colonic? There are many other options you can choose to improve your digestive health.  Chewing your food thoroughly will advance the breakdown process in the mouth as the carbohydrate enzyme amylase is present in saliva. Increasing your intake of digestive enzymes will help to improve not only digestion but the absorption of nutrients. Digestive enzymes are naturally present in pineapple (bromelain) and papaya (papain) which intensify the breakdown of fats and proteins respectively. Naturally occurring enzymes are abundant in raw foods, especially amylase and the protein enzyme protease. Slowly increasing your raw percentage is a great way to increase your fibre, expel toxins and help you feel better.  If you are not ready to go raw yet you could try a few things.

  • Conscious food combining can help your digestion, such as eating fruits alone or 30 minutes before other food.
  • Start your day with a smoothie, drink plenty of filtered water and pure fruit juices.
  • Some herbal teas (nettle, dandelion, fenugreek) contain magnesium that is essential for regular bowel movements and liver function.
  • Moderate exercise is a brilliant way to get your bowel moving as it stimulates peristalsis.

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