Kurt’s Cuisine provides nutrient packed, living food recommendations and recipes to busy people.

When strapped for time the first thing to suffer are usually our diets. We eat out, order take out, or worse, grab some fast comfort food. These options are not only costly to our health but a waste of money. When we eat a balanced diet, we can keep up with our hectic schedule and feel good doing it! We strive to provide the very best suggestions f0r taste and nutrients, balanced with a quick ability to execute.


Kurt Brand – Chef/Owner

Kurt has worked as a living food chef in Los Angeles, New York and Detroit and studied mostly in retreats and residential Zen Centers. He is a musician, artist and designer – a true creative. He began to see a need in the community for healthier fresher food and decided to migrate his creative energy towards culinary interests. Kurt’s ultimate goal is to provide the community with wholesome, nutrient dense organic meals created from locally sourced ingredients that are delicious and affordable and can be enjoyed by anyone.


Rache Brand – Sous Chef / Partner

Rache has been living most of her life with a variety of food allergies and sensitivities. Her professional life has consisted of developing Commercial Restaurants and working with chefs with her company TILT. She is a talent in the kitchen with her ‘all in’ creative style and has been an asset to Kurt’s methodical style of preparation. Her passion is using raw, whole foods and mostly vegetables. She practices what she preaches with her balance of exercise and diet.


Iza Brand – Chief Taste Tester

Iza is our newest addition. She is the picture of health and happiness. We have kept her breastfed primarily and at 6-months we began supplementing with green juices, water and whole veggies. Her favorite snacks are carrots and green leaves. She keeps us company in the kitchen no matter where we are and what we are doing, so for an added selling point: you will get to see fun videos of Iza if you stay in touch!